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About our online store

Yashna is a fashion and lifestyle company based in the Delhi/NCR region. The company aims to become a leader in the industry by providing enhanced services, building strong customer relationships, and ensuring profitability. Yashna targets individuals of all age groups and aims to cater to mid-market to high-scale segments.

The vision of Yashna is to create a brand that meets the unique needs of each individual by offering a wide range of products. The company carefully selects its products to align with customer preferences and aims to establish itself as a trusted brand that provides tailored solutions.

Yashna's mission is to foster growth through creativity, invention, and innovation. The company stays updated with industry trends to continuously evolve and adapt to changing customer needs. Remaining innovative is crucial for Yashna to maintain a competitive edge in the market.


The motto of Yashna is "Empowered Elegance: Carry Confidence." It represents the idea that individuals embrace their strength and individuality while exuding grace and poise. The motto highlights the importance of self-assurance and self-expression in customers' lives.

Yashna comprises a professional team dedicated to curating products and delivering high-quality services. The team members have expertise and experience in the industry, allowing them to understand customers' needs and stay updated with ongoing trends. Yashna is run by industry professionals who bring their knowledge and skills to maintain high standards.

Deepika and Khushboo's partnership in operating Yashna benefits from their skills and experiences. Deepika's achievements as Mrs. India in 2016 and her background as a model and designer indicate her diverse skill set and creativity. Her experience in these fields likely provides her with a keen eye for aesthetics, fashion trends, and an understanding of marketing and branding. Deepika's 18 years of experience in various aspects of life further contribute to her expertise, making her a valuable asset to Yashna.

On the other hand, Khushboo's 21 years of experience as a hotelier in the travel and tourism industry highlight her expertise in this field. Her background in the hotel industry equips her with knowledge of customer service, and operations management. Khushboo’s extensive experience positions her as a seasoned professional, enabling her to contribute effectively to Yashna's operations and customer-focused initiatives.

As sisters, Deepika and Khushboo's partnership brings together their strengths and expertise, creating a diverse and knowledgeable team at Yashna. Their combined skills allow them to approach challenges from different angles, fostering innovation and problem-solving. The synergy between Deepika's creative background and Khushboo's industry-specific knowledge can contribute to the company's success and growth.